How to Submit Articles to Blog

Thank you for your interest in contributing content to Blog, the blog of the free matrimonial service for ISKCON devotees.

We welcome you to contribute a once-off article or to become a regular contributor. Please send all stories or story ideas to: editor [at] devoteematch [dot] com

To learn more about writing for us, please read on. Blog offers news, articles, people profiles, feature articles, and opinion pieces related to grihastha ashram according to ISKCON philosophy and culture. Blog is intended mainly for Hare Krishna devotees. However, our articles are written as per current journalistic standards and with the greater public in mind.


General Guidelines

On the first page of your article, please write your own name and relation to the event or project you are writing about. If you have an official position in ISKCON, write that down too.
Include your email address, and preferably also a phone number and a good time to contact you. This is important in case we need to ask you more questions about the story or confirm some facts.
Always make sure your story includes the five Ws of journalism: who, what, when, where, why, and how. If you’re writing about an event, please include the exact date that it happened on. If you’re writing about a person, make sure to include their official position in ISKCON and in relation to the event or project.
Please use alternatives to or explain the meaning of any in-house ISKCON jargon, Sanskrit words or anything else that a member of the general public would not understand.
Please refrain from using the word “I” or expressing your personal opinion unless you are writing an opinion article. Write in as balanced and objective a way as possible. Any opinions expressed must be attributed to or quoted from another person.
Do not be vague or “fluffy.” Always use plenty of solid facts and details.
If available, please include several photos to go with your story, or give us details on where to find some. Be sure to include photo captions; that is, tell us the names of people in the photo, and explain what we see in the photo. (Example: ‘ISKCON temple starts matrimonial service’).
We recommend that you study our website a bit before contributing. Read several articles in each category. Note the style of writing and voice. Also, if you plan to regularly contribute to us, please regularly read relevant articles from popular sites too, to soak up the style of writing.


Categories Explained

Articles will appear in whichever category the editor feels they will best fit. Opinion pieces will appear in their own opinion section.

General: Our general guidelines apply to writing these articles. These should be short – between 200 and 600 words, and should have relatively short paragraphs.

Opinion: Here you can express your opinion, and write from the first person point of view. However, bear in mind that these articles must still be based on a springboard of solid facts. Opinion pieces can offer Krishna conscious perspectives on current events or larger social or cultural issues. They can also offer a commentary about life in ISKCON, applying the Krishna conscious philosophy, or understanding points of Vaishnava life and theology. Articles in this section should be between 500 and 1,000 words.

Profiles: These are similar to feature articles, yet naturally are focused on a person’s (or couple’s) story rather than an event or project. They are usually shorter than features – between 600 and 2,000 words. They must include research on and interviews with the person. They must make the reader relate to and feel like they know the person.

Please note that Blog retains the right to publish or not publish any given article, at our discretion, and per our editorial policy.