Dos and Dont’s for Men


1. Love

  • Show affection.
  • Give warm hugs.
  • Give compliments and small gifts.
  • Be supportive.
  • Provide emotional support (This came up a lot).
  • Acknowledge our needs.
  • Be sweet.
  • Be sensitive.
  • Be understanding.
  • Be tolerant.
  • Be appreciative of what I do.

2. Communication

  • Listen to what we say.
  • Communicate with us (good verbal communication).
  • Don’t be in denial of problems but communicate with us and resolve them. (Don’t brush things under the carpet.)
  • Be empathetic.
  • Say “thank you” more often for the regular things we do for you.
  • Admit your mistakes.
  • Apologize when you make a mistake or are wrong.
  • Speak kindly and in a soft manner.

3. Relationship

  • You are not a boss and we are not employees.
  • Understand the difference between control and protection. We want you to protect us, not control us.
  • We don’t appreciate husbands whose prime relationship with us is to dominate rather than to be-friend.
  • Create a sense of togetherness.
  • Spend more time with the family.

4. Decisive

  • Decide for yourself; don’t let others decide for you.
  • Give more importance to what is being said by the family rather than what is said by people outside.



1. Communication

  • Don’t yell at me.
  • Don’t criticize me.
  • Don’t insult me or treat me badly in front of your family.

2. Control

  • Don’t compare me to other women.
  • Don’t order us around in front of the parents.
  • Don’t think you don’t need to do anything for our parents.