Red Flags for Potential Husbands

Here are some potential red flags for a potential husbands that you need to beware of.

  1. Do you think this man will see you (or does see you) as a sex object or does he respect you sexually?
  2. Does this man have a tendency to verbally abuse your or are his words mostly encouraging, sensitive and uplifting? (notice if he verbally abuses others).
  3. Do you think, or has he, been physically violent with or is he gentle and affectionate physically?
  4. Do you think he is overly controlling or is he supportive.
  5. Do you think he is overly demanding or goes with the flow.
  6. Is he fanatic, black and white, or is he balanced.
  7. Is he unrealistic about having a Vedic marriage or is he practical in his outlook.
  8. Is he physically violent with others or is he gentle.
  9. Does he anger easily or is he tolerant.
  10. Does this man not listen well to you or is he interested in what you say and emotionally supportive?
  11. Do you think he will make you do all the work at home, take care of the kids by yourself, etc. or will he help you with the kids and other household chores?
  12. Is this man irresponsible and lazy or is he a hard worker?
  13. Do you think he would be willing to admit and work on his flaws or would he always be in denial?
  14. Do you think he is intimidated by women and thus needs to put them down, or is he secure in himself?
  15. Will his family demand certain behaviors or will they respect your privacy, choices, and lifestyle.
  16. Is he still in brahmacari mode or is he making internal adjustments to be positive about marriage and realistic about its responsibilities.