Difficult Issues

How to Deal with a Demanding Wife

Srila Prabhupada writes in a letter: The point is that the women must be protected, and it is the duty of the leaders of our society to see that this is carried out.

A husband should protect his wife materially and spiritually as far as possible. If she doesn’t want that protection, that is another thing. But in some cases, he is not actually protecting so it seems she is rejecting. She may be rejecting his lack of protection.

When Prabhupada speaks of protection he speaks of it in the sense of providing materially for her, guiding her spiritually, and protecting her from other men who may wish to take advantage of her, either sexually or in other ways (car dealers will sale a car for a higher price to your wife than they will to you, this often happens with car repairs, etc.)

So it is the man’s duty to provide this as best he can.

But, if the wife is demanding more and is not satisfied, it is the challenge of the husband to be peaceful, tolerant, and supportive as far as possible. At least do your duty to provide protection as best you can and to the degree that she will accept it.

It takes two people to create a relationship and if the relationship is not good, remember that you are in that relationship also and you can do something to make it better. Maybe it won’t be perfect according to your standards, but still your duty is to do your best to improve it.

It is easy to complain. It is not easy to make something better.

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