Householder Life

The Secret of Success in Marriage

Recently, I met a Christian man in his fifties. He told me how much love and appreciation he and his wife had for each other after almost 30 years of marriage. I asked what his secret of success was. He said that an elderly friend had advised him at the time of his marriage that “the woman is a weaker vessel and therefore he should take care of her and make things easier for her.” He took that advice to heart and his marriage was flourishing.
It’s such a simple truth yet so difficult to accept. False ego is very difficult to crush.
– Anonymous

This is a very good point. It seems common sense but at the same time we, the husbands, are seeing a great fear of being controlled by women. Of course, the real fear should be that we are controlled by our senses. If one is sense controlled, then providing what a woman needs to be happy has nothing to do with being controlled by woman. But if one is providing these things for the purpose of securing a satisfying sexual relationship with his wife, then yes, he is being controlled by a woman.

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