Marriage is Sanctified Prescription in Every Scripture

Guest (2): “If a person is married and they are interested in entering into Hare Krsna, Krsna consciousness, can they reach the ultimate?”
Prabhupāda: “Why not? There is no restriction. Marriage is sanctified prescription in every scripture. There were many great souls who were married. Marriage is no hindrance.”
– Lecture Engagement and Prasada Distribution, Boston, 26 April, 1969

“Regarding your question about the husband becoming the Spiritual Master of the wife, anyone who can give instructing in spiritual life is treated as Spiritual Master. There are two kinds of Spiritual Master, initiator and instructor. So the husband can help the wife as instructor.”
– Letter to Himavati, Los Angeles, 24 January, 1969

“Now, woman is supposed to be assistant of man. If woman is faithful wife of the first-class man, then she also becomes first-class. If she is assistant of the second-class man then he is also second-class. If she is assistant of the third-class man, then she is also third-class. Because she is assistant, so, according to her husband, or protector, she becomes first, second, third, fourth.”
– Press Conferencgo, Chicago, 9 July, 1975

Prabhupāda: “That is very dangerous law to allow divorce. Divorce should not be allowed. Even there is some disagreement between husband and wife, it should be neglected. According to Cānakya Paṇḍita… He was great politician. He has said that dampatya kalahe caiva bahvārambhe laghu kriyā. The husband and wife’s quarrel should not be taken very seriously. Ajā yuddhe (More quote by Cānakya) Just like fight between two goats. They are fighting, and if you say “Hut!” they will go away. Similarly, the fight between husband and wife should not be taken very seriously. Let them fight for some time; they will stop automatically. But the husband and wife fight, and he, as soon as he goes to the lawyer and he gives incentive, “Yes, come to the court.” This is going on. So the first defect is there is divorce law. Another defect is that there is no method how to train a man to become first class. That is there in the Vedic civilization. Now of course in India that is also now abolished by degradation.”
-Room Conversation with Director of Research of the Dept. of Social Welfare, 21 May, 1975 in Melbourne

“No, the idea is that marriage is not sacred. They think marriage is a legalized prostitution. They think like that, but marriage is not that.”
– Srila Prabhupada in a talk with Bob Cohen, 27-29 February, 1972 in Mayapur