Householder Life

Grooming Children: Important Activities for Householders

The following activities should engage the attention of householders:


They are very important for householders. Men should try to take time off from work. Women should dress nicely.

Plan these activities ahead of time even with the whole family doing the planning. Make sure that the children are included and get great spiritual taste. Festivals done properly leave deep samskaras in children’s mind, very important in their becoming devotees.


The house can be filled with transcendental sound vibrations. Lectures can be played while cooking, cleaning, bathing etc. Kirtan tapes can always be played. Children enjoy listening to kirtans.

Rising Early

With love and affection children can be trained to rise early. They can develop quality of determination. If the children get up early then they can be trained to chant, recite slokas etc.

Using Science and Technology

We are living in an era of science and technology. While we can use everything in Krishna’s service, we should be careful that technology does not distract our Krishna consciousness. Turn off mobile phones during Arotik and kirtana performed at home /temple. And while honoring prasadam. Use internet only when needed in work or in Krishna’s service. Avoid T.V. altogether, if not practical, use it wisely and train children to watch T.V. in a responsible way.

Attachment to Sadhus

The family should develop deep attachment to Krishna’s devotees, especially, advanced devotees. This could be accomplished by inviting sadhus and advanced vaishnavas home for prasada, organizing satsangs etc. Children, while not forced, should also be encouraged to develop such relationships.

Following Vedic culture

As far as is practical, grihasthas should follow the standards of Vedic culture. Still having said that, another principle is: “Somehow or the other, have a successful householder life.” Even if all the culture is not there, there should be peace and Krishna consciousness which will please Guru and Krishna.

Reproduced from the Grahastha Manual by Radhanath Swami Maharaj.