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Secret of Happy Married Life

“Enough is enough! It’s been two years; I can’t take it anymore. Divorce seems the only way out. But when I think of the kids I get cold feet”. Vinay said this, his eyes brimming with tears. This is the story of my dear friend Vinay. Vinay and Reema had married 10 years ago with […]

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Why Marriages Don’t Last

Stable marriages are becoming more and more of a challenge today and I want to do my part in helping devotees make their marriages successful. I hope this information will be useful either to you or to someone you know. Choosing the Right Partner One of the most important elements in a creating a lasting […]

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Strong Marriages Have These 6 Vital Ingredients

1. Good communication starts with open and respectful listening. This doesn’t mean we have to agree with what we hear, but that we listen with a mood to understand and validate. We listen with both intellect (for the content) and with heart (for the feelings). This receptive attitude builds a loving and trusting relationship. Respect […]