Difference Between the Intelligence of Men and Women

In intelligence there are two element: knowledge and the power of discrimination. The latter is most important.

There are two sides of the brain: one side deals with emotions and the other deals with analysis. Men work discretely with one side and the other, never both at the same time. They may switch back and forth, but it’s always on one side or the other. Women use both sides constantly, although there may be more emphasis for one side or the other at specific times.

This gives strengths and weaknesses to both parties.

For men, their strength is they can look at something purely analytically without emotion. But their weakness is if they are emotional they don’t analyze the situation. Therefore, they can take on without thinking what gain or loss may come, or they can absorb themselves in sense gratification without thinking of the consequences.

Women’s strength is that their emotions and intelligence are running at the same time. This enables them to analyze what is the best situation for dealing and helping others.

In the realm of emotions, they can see what is the proper thing to do. In the house they can decide the furniture is like this , the colors are like this put this here , there, etc, this is their expertise.

difference between the intelligence of men and women

When a child is crying, the woman, because of the emotions of natural affection, they can analyze whether the child is crying because she is hungry, tired, something is bothering them, etc.

Men cannot do this well. Because of their emotions they feel they should do something for the child, but in that emotional state they cannot analyze what is wrong. If they try to analyze it then they would not be clear about what to do.

The weakness of women is that when trying to purely analyze a philosophical subject or a practical situation, they get caught between understanding the situation, looking at what is correct, what is the Krsna conscious philosophy as it applies to the situation, – but they also deal with the emotion, “Oh, but what about this, someone may say this, that one may feel this.”

The boy is trained in brahmacarya, and this involves learning how to care for others, learning to be sensitive to other’s feelings and needs. The girl is trained in chastity and to be satisfied in whatever the father, the husband or the son provides.

With the combination of two such persons we see there is a natural match. The husband will be thinking what does the wife require and the wife will be satisfied with whatever he can provide. Then they can live very peacefully together.

If we don’t have this training, boys will not be sensitive and the wife will be wanting more than the boy can provide. The problem comes when both will think the problem is the other person. Those who have not gotten this kind of training will think the partner is the problem instead of thinking “Maybe I am not acting properly.”

Therefore Vedic Culture stresses so much on the protection of women and the protection of the Brahmacaris.