Enter Grihastha Asrama with a Positive but Realistic Attitude

It is important that we create more positives about the grihastha asrama than presenting the realities of the asrama in a negative light. Also, many of the negative description we hear about grihastha life refer to materialistic householder life.

I have been a temple president several times, and the trouble and anxieties I experienced doing this service were right up there with the “horrors” of the grihastha asrama. I believe those entering householder life need to be positive about it, but of course, also realistic that this is not a panacea for all problems and not the ultimate source of happiness. But it can be, if done right, a facility to become more Krsna conscious than you would be able to do on your own. But the goal of life is not to live a happy grihastha life. The goal is to be Krsna conscious.

If we understand that being married can help our Krsna consciousness, and do it right, and understand the challenges we must face, and enter it positively, then we will be on our way back to Godhead. After all, there do are many happy grihasthas.

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